Universidad de Concepción vs CDS Quilicura Basket Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


CONC vs QUI : In the Western conference of Chile Basketball 2021, Osven Ledezma Chomon have secured their position for the post season by ending up at the 3rd position in the Western Conference. Out of the 15 games they played this season CONC has won 12 games and lost 3 games. These stats will help us create a perfect Dream11 team. CONC holds a solid record of 5-1 in their home turf and 7-2 in their visiting turf. With their solid performance in the Round of 16 against the CD Español de Talca, CONC got qualified for the conference semifinals when they defeated CONC by 7-0. With the popularity of the fantasy basketball games it has to be noted that every loss and wins matters to create a perfect Dream11 team. It has to be noted that CONC started their post season with 5 straight losses they recovered and gave QUI their best and won the following games to make it to the conference semifinals. This solid performance will give them their much-needed confidence against QUI in the upcoming semis.

Let us look at their opponent CDS Quilicura Basket who completed their Chile Basketball 2021 at the top of the Western Conference. In the 15 games they played in the season QUI has won 3 games and lost 12 games which is an impressive record. This record will help us to concentrate on the key players and choose them in our Dream11 team. QUI holds a solid record in their home ground which is 2-5. Also in their way game QUI did alright by securing 1-7. Compared to the QUI, Universidad Católica had a walk in the park in their post season games. In the round of 16 QUI faced CONC and won it with ease by 0-7. Even though QUI lost their first game of the post season they came back with a bang won 0 straight games to make it to the conference semifinals. Both team has did splendid in this tournament it has to be seen who has the upper hand in this conference semifinals.


Universidad de Concepción vs CDS Quilicura– Key Players Team News

  • Eduardo Marechal Diaz
  • Lino Saez Ramirez
  • Brandon Demond Moss

CDS Quilicura Basket (QUI) – Key Players

  • Oscar Becerra Contreras
  • Marcelo lopez Cespede
  • Matias Sepulveda Soto

Universidad de Concepción vs CDS Quilicura – Team Squad

Universidad de Concepción (CONC):

Michael A Rivera Bustamante, Benjamin Cabello Garcia, Juan Alvarado Sanzanz, Diego Silva Campos, Demarco Owens, Brandon Demond Moss, Andres Dominguez, Sebastian Barria, Carlos Milano Paez, Eduardo Marechal Diaz, Evandro Arteaga Fuentes, Fernando Pichott Rojas, Carlos Lauler Zanartu, Pablo Perez Parra, Lino Saez Ramirez, Rodrigo Madera Cirio

CDS Quilicura Basket (QUI):

Brain Campos Nunez, Nicolas Alvarez Valenzuela, Oscar Becerra Contreras, Jordan Ahmad Little, Julius Holt Martin, Tomas Munoz Neira, Adrian Toro Molina, Matias Abarca, Vjekoslav Rafaeli Berg, Diego A Latorre Rozas, Heder Louis, Sergio Carter Torres, Claudio Lavin Olivares, Jose Luis Campos, Jose A Madrid Alarcon, Oscar A Barria Roa, Matias Sepulveda Soto, Marcelo lopez Cespedes, Osven Ledezma Chomon

Universidad de Concepción vs CDS Quilicura– Probable Lineups

Universidad de Concepción:

Lino Saez Ramirez, Eduardo Marechal Diaz, Brandon Demond Moss, Evandro Arteaga Fuentes, Demarco Owens

CDS Quilicura Basket:

Oscar Becerra Contreras, Julius Holt Martin, Marcelo lopez Cespede, Matias Sepulveda Soto, Osven Ledezma Chomon

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