How to unsubscribe shared photo stream from iOS


As every knows by using iCloud Photo sharing, users can share their photos to friends and many other people whom you know and even they can share pictures to you. Through an event you can share the experiences with a project jointly, without having separate photos from back and forth. On the other side if you are not interested in getting the many photos and notifications from your friends,family members then simply unsubscribe shared photo stream from your iOS device. If you are not aware of this process how to unsubscribe shared photo stream? then follow the steps given below :

Steps to unsubscribe shared photo stream from iOS 

  • Initially open the Photo app from your iOS devices.
  • In the bottom of the page tap on the shared tab.
  • Now navigate the shared button to know the list of your streams.
  • Click on the Stream name you like to remove or unsubscribe from the list.
  • On the bottom tap the people and click on unsubscribe.
  • To confirm click on the unsubscribe button one more time.
  • If you wants to rejoin in the stream you have unsubscribe then ask the creator to add.

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