Update sorts out problems of Orbi routers having problems with Apple homekit


Netgear this week released a stopgap firmware update so as to do away with the glitches that prevented people from using HomeKit accessories, the update was released for Orbi mesh Wi-Fi.

The update however has to be installed manually and it is to be done only if the said problems surface and also the patch is a revision of OrbiOS 2.1.4. This triggered the homekit issues in the first place. However a more permanent fix to these glitches is expected though.

The mesh approach towards filling in the dead spaces for a home covered with Wi-Fi, is better than Wi-Fi extenders as it is in a way extended as the mesh approach does not create multiple hotspots.

The reason the mesh technology is used so as to make the most of the Wi-Fi connections is because it makes sure that other accessories making use of the connection doesn’t become unresponsive or slow.

Apple though has recently discontinued its AirPort routers having left them untouched for years and certainly it has left the Apple lovers to turn to third party alternatives.

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