How to use macOS app switcher to Open Files, Hide and Quit Apps, and Launch Exposé


Maximum long-time macOS users are well known for the App Switcher. It’s solicited using Command+Tab keyboard shortcut. Lists all of the apps recently working on Mac, allowing you to instantly switch between them.

Basic Functions of the Application Switcher:

While holding  Command and press Tab, the App Switcher cover emerges above all other open windows on the desktop and continues visible until released the Command key. Allowing go switches you to the last active application, preceding to the one you were only using. As you might assume, recurring this operation switches you back to the previously active app. Regularly hitting Tab with the Command key held down rounds you through the list of apps in it from left to right, while delivering Command takes you to the chosen app. If you hold down Shift when touching Tab, the selection moves right to left.
You can also push the right and left arrow keys to drive the selection box forwards and backwards. A two-finger drag on a trackpad does the same thing.

Invoke Exposé and Open Files From the App Switcher:

Pressing the up or down arrow keys with an icon coming in the App Switcher cover, Exposé will be initiated for the chosen app and it will cause all of its windows to fan out across the screen. Apparent windows are displayed front and centre, while reduced windows look along the bottom of the screen. One can utilize the arrow keys to switch between them and press Enter to open the one you want.
An oft-overlooked key of the App Switcher is its strength to open files. Just begin to drag a file from a Finder window, then request the App Switcher and drag the file onto the relevant app icon in the overlay.

Close and Hide Apps Via the App Switcher:

Touching the H key in the App Switcher disappears all the windows of the chosen app. Work cycling through the overlay with the Tab key and tap H as you go.
Finally, highlighting an icon in the App Switcher and tapping Q has to be one of the quickest ways to independently quit open Mac apps, and apparently changes as our beloved App Switcher trick.

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