How to use Self-timer in Camera App on iOS 8


iOS 8 lets you click pictures using self timer to make sure that you can click steady, better quality pictures with the rear camera. This feature also lets you take pictures from a distance when you are alone or you do not want to ask a third person to click a picture with you.

Self timer in camera iOS 8

Using self timer on iOS 8 is fairly simple. While you are on the camera app screen, tap onto the clock icon which is second from right on top right corner. The moment you click on the clock icon, you get to see 3 options saying off, 3 sec and 10 sec. For now, you have an option to choose a self timer for either 3 seconds or 10 seconds. The custom time is not yet available, but I think 10 seconds of time is enough for you to place yourself perfectly for a decent click.

Self timer settings on iOS 8

The moment you tap onto a time limit, the timer stats on the screen. However, the timer is available only for the iPhone users and not for the iPad users. The flash blinks once a second and when the last few seconds remain, the flash blinks quickly. Another part of the self timer is that it takes 10 pictures very quickly. The burst mode on iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus gets activated automatically.

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