Users can now change Apple ID to, or email


Removing a restriction, which often irritated many users like me, Apple has announced that the users can change their apple ID from a third party email provider to an Apple domain. The apple domains include, and The announcement was made as an updated support document from Apple.

According to the latest announcement, users who had signed up for an apple ID with a third party email address,  can now make an apple email address as their official apple ID email. Previously, Apple allowed users to only change from a third party email address to another third party email address, however, the same restriction has now been lifted.

However, if a user changes the email to an Apple email address (ending with, or, there will be no more changes allowed to the apple ID email address. So the users are advised to think before making any changes to their email on the apple account.

A detailed guide on how to change Apple ID to an email with Apple domain can be found here.

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