Verizon partners with Apple for 5G video services


One of the biggest network providers in the US, Verizon Communications Inc. announced that it has worked through deals with Apple to make them it’s first video providers over the superfast 5G wireless service. This service is planned to hit 4 cities later this year.

The New York-based telecommunication company chose Los Angeles, Houston, and Sacramento as the initial cities to house their new service, later adding Indianapolis as the fourth city. The idea of this project is to provide 5G customers a free Apple TV box for the purpose of live television streaming.

Verizon itself tried its hand at the popular online TV service niche, however, chose to shelve it after an unimpressive test run. It then made the smarter decision to partner with the Apple and Google, the two technology giants, for the project. The main purpose of this partnership is to compete nationally against AT&T, their main competitors who have a pay-TV service running in the States.

Using the new 5G wireless technology, Verizon plans to deliver online streaming service, in order to dethrone the landline connections by providing services that match or exceeds the former. This service would make viewing of NBA and NFL games easier for the fans. Moreover, viewers would also get the feature of live news through their own media division, Oath.

According to research, rain can easily disrupt these 5G radio signals. However, on the brighter side, if this project renders successful, it could become an astounding $200 billion industry.

Verizon Chairman and ex CEO Lowell McAdam took a smarter path from its competitors by “seeking allies and not assets”. Unlike AT&T and Comcast, which recently acquired media companies with billions, Verizon fostered a partnership with Apple and Google. “We’re positioned perfectly to have partnerships that we need to be successful. Since we won’t be owning content, we’re not going to be competing with the other content providers. We’re instead going to be their best partners. ”

The companies are still deciding over factors like timings and pricing of the plans. The final plan would be realized soon.


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