Vero, the latest social network is creating a storm on the App Store


Lebanese billionaire, Ayman Hariri created the app Vero in 2015 and skyrocketed to popularity recently beating Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat in the App store. It has achieved top position in free apps on the app store.

Vero attracts its customers with its new and improved approach. It does not have adverts. “We made our business model subscription-based,” the company states. Its users are their customers not their advertisers. Vero also boosts that it can filter who sees what you share even further with four different types of viewers: closer friends, friends, acquaintances and the public. All posts are in chronological order and does not have algorithms which notably served as a major setback when Instagram released that as a feature. You can also share links, music, movies/TV, books and places.

Filmmaker Zack Snyder, a friend of Hariri, supported the app by saying “he loves the clean interface, the ad-free environment, and the fact that there are no algorithms.” and then continued to be a brand ambassador for the app.

Vero’s steady upward climb may be stalled by the fact that the app does not remain free forever and a subscription fee is due to be introduced. As of now, the first million users do not have to pay the fee.  Hariri has not yet disclosed what the fee will be. The app is also facing technical issues due to the sudden large amount of traffic it is receiving. The app has also been dubbed the “relationship-first social network”.

Sustainability has to also persist so the subscription fee is a necessity and merchants are charged a fee for selling their products on the app.

Even Instagram is flooded with trails Vero is leaving. The hashtag vero will instantly bring up images of various users. The app has shot to the top of the market in a matter of 4 days.

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