Vero tops Apple’s App store; Can subscription Social Network Sustain Hype?


Seemingly Overnight, Vero has burst into the Internet zeitgeist with the social network currently sitting in the top position on Apple’s App Store ranking of free Apps. The Startup which, quietly launched in 2015 says, it is nearing 1 million registered users.

Vero does not have any advertising. “We made our business model subscription-based,”  the company says it is in a manifesto, ” making our users our customers, not advertisers” That’s led observers to dub it “The Anti-Facebook.”

Vero also touts its ability for users to fully control what they share (Close Friends, Friends, acquaintances)  with the ability to turn followers on or off. The app presents all the posts in the feed in chronological order.

“We don’t have algorithms that decide what you see,” said Vero co-founder and CEO Ayman Hariri. “You need to have the entire environment encourage a true Social interaction.”

Hariri, a billionaire whose family operates one of the largest construction companies in Saudi-Arabia is bankrolling the company himself although he’s also brought in a few “friends and family” investors. His father was a Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri, who was assassinated in 2005.

The Startup has a few Hollywood connections, including filmmaker Zack Snyder. Hariri has a huge comic book fan and owns one of the largest comic book collection in the world, known as “Impossible Collection.”

” We want Vero to be a place where the creatives feel good about putting their content,” said Hariri.

Vero is not any threat to snipe users away from the major social media platforms.

“We don’t have to get the entire world on this thing,” he said.

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