Vidstep Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $45.00


Vidstep Review: Demo your offerings and sell straight from video, provide instructions for teams or high value content and courses for your audiences and students.

Vidstep is a versatile new ‘Smart Video’ technology that takes your video content to the next level. Create brilliant instructional, step by step videos where you can:

– sell your products and service instantly without the need for advertising

– add Vidsteps to tasks in your favorite management software to support your team with real instructions

– develop courses and micro-lessons you can embed and share anywhere without the need for an LMS

– give your influencer audience next level value and depth of content to lift engagement and extend their interaction with you

– simply share ‘How to’ content you are passionate about socially or on the Vidstep public channel

Buy Vidstep Lifetime Deal for $45.00

Vidstep Review

Are you managing a remote team? An influencer sharing content or selling products? Maybe you provide equipment or products people need instructions for?

There is amazing tech out there such as Asana, Trello, Hubspot and many other job, task and customer management tools. These applications help with the ‘Who, What and When’ aspect of tasks but Vidstep now adds the “How” to those technologies.

Perhaps you want to create your own instructional content series for education, training, process or task support purposes. Vidstep gives you the freedom to do this without having to use expensive and clunky LMS or SOP software.

Maybe you are a content marketer or sell products from video demonstrations as an influencer. Vidstep enables you to add products to your videos and sell either the products or services demonstrated, or alternate products and services which relate to the content being viewed.

Vidstep enables fast, fun and user friendly instructions to be created and added to just about anywhere and for any purpose. Vidsteps are designed to take a viewer through completing a task in the actual moment they are completing it.

  • Easy to follow step by step videos for any ‘know how’ knowledge you need to share
  • Next generation Smart Video application, supporting teams & audiences with How To instructions, demonstrations and product info
  • Attach or embed Vidsteps into your job management, project management, and CRM software

Vidstep is built for: 1) businesses managing remote office, work at home or in field teams 2) Influencers, marketers and sales professionals 3) Suppliers and hirers of equipment and products

Get Appsumo Vidstep in the Deal for $45.00


        • 120GB of storage per year

        • Unlimited Vidstep or time-limit

        • Step by step instructional videos

        • Provides real time task instructions

        • Checklist functionality built into your Vidstep

        • Play next Vidstep workflow functionality

        • In video product sales or recommendations

        • Perfect for remote team support

        • Ideal for instructions on equipment and products

        • Link or embed Vidsteps in your task management tickets

        • QR Code generator for easy on site instructional access

        • Share privately with team, publicly for audience or social for the world

        • Create content marketing funnels and product sales

        • Uploading of complementary materials (PDF, images, documents)

        • Automatic video processin

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