Vine 2 Project Postponed for an ‘Indefinite Amount of Time’


Twitter discontinued the original vine service in 2016 but Vine 2 app was developing by the Vine co-founder. But It is said that it has also postponed for an Infinite time. He did not give much information about on this second generation vine app. He said that It will be self-funded and will be released at the end of 2018. 

Today Hoffman announced that It doesn’t look like will happen. Due to some financial citing reasons, it gets postponed for an infinite period of time. He said that he doesn’t have enough resources and hence will not be personally funded. He is also working on Interspace and Byte.

“The code and ideas still exist, but until everything else comes together, we can’t move forward. Again, this is indefinite, which means that it could take a long time. But it’s necessary.I’m very, very sorry for the disappointment. If it’s any consolation, I think it would have been even more disappointing if this service had been developed and released incorrectly, which is where we were headed. I’d like for us to get it right.”

Vine was founded in June 2012. It was acquired by Twitter before its launch in January 2013. Twitter decided to shut it off because of his fall in popularity.

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