The wait ends as First window Air Conditioner with Apple Homekit arrives!


Surely the world of technology never fails to amaze us and true to such a feature of it, GE has shipped the Energy Star 115 Volt Electronic Room AC thus ending the much wait for the first air-conditioner with Apples’s Homekit.

The AC is not much of an powerful cooling device device though given that the device with the homekit delivers only 8000 BTU and is meant for small rooms say for 350 square feet.

But the window unit now available in the United States is loaded with quite some feature that certainly makes it an AC of the current generation. To name a few, it uses the WiFi Connect Technology of GE and also has the Google Home Integration and is certainly compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa.

But however an Air Conditioner that certainly makes the available AC a device of the yesteryear does come for a price which is a notch higher than the other available ACs and certainly this one has an asking price of $319.

The AC can be controlled though the iOS 11 devices and can be configured though however the configurations not in its advanced stage given that it can be controlled by a single device or when all the users are part of the same home kit.

Given that the world of technology desires to make everything smart and also controllable through the portable device we call mobile and certainly the device we cannot live without, is quite an attempt towards a technologically superior standard of living but these developments are actually at a nascent stage and would take some time for its advancement.

But however the response from the consumers would certainly take a subtle amount of time to develop given that a new sort of a technology would take time to have a great number of takers.

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Eric Christopher
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