Your wait for new 6.1 inch iPhone might get prolonged


We’re almost in the last days of August, a few weeks away from Apple’s new unveiling. And typical of Ming-Chi Kuo, there are some new predictions regarding the new iPhones. As per the veteran analyst, only two new iPhones will get released next month, instead of the earlier prediction of three devices. The wait for the 6.1″ iPhone will get prolonged.

The two devices are deemed to be the successors of the flagship killer iPhone X. Two OLED models will be available in September, but the 6.1 in LCD version will have to wait longer to hit the market. Referring to the busy production schedule, Kuo thinks that the entry price model would be released later, expectedly in October. Apple’s main school of thought behind creating the 6.1″ iPhone version is to target that sect of the consumer fabric, which might find the other OLED versions a tad bit expensive.

Features of the 6.1″ iPhone

The 6.1″ LCD model would sport an A12 chip processor like the other models. The other two models are OLED but this device would have a slightly lower 1792 x 828 resolution screen. It would have a 3GB RAM and would come in 64 and 256 GB variants. Unlike the new trend of dual cameras, this iPhone would have a single 12MP rear camera. The frame of the iPhone would be made of aluminum, unlike the other two models, who would sport a stainless steel frame. The 6.1″ model would be limited to 2X2 MIMO modems. Although, this variant would be available in 5 exciting casing colors, and would only cost around $600-700.

Apple would release the iPhones, the new upgraded Apple Watch 4 and a few more devices this September. Fans will have to wait only a few more weeks for the cheaper of the three iPhone version. According to Kuo, this version will account for nearly 55 percent share in the new shipments of the iPhones

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