WatchOS 2 brings new animated emojis


Recently Apple launched WatchOS 2 for Apple Watch which brings a lot of new features and also expands the availability of emojis like animated hand symbols and smileys on Apple Watch. Smileys and hand symbols convey the feelings and express emotions more precisely than before.

Some of the new emoji supports changing colors between yellow and red by way of pressing firmly on the screen. To access the new smiley faces which are added newly on WatchOS 2, simply check out the faces tab on your Apple Watch.


In addition, existing animated smileys with closed eyes now feature subtler lines to better indicate that the eyes are closed. Lastly, you’ll find some new animated smileys to illustrate that you’re sick or injured.


The above picture shows the newly added hands which represents high-fives including clapping, two-hands thumbs-up, fist bumping and more. You can use any kind of emoji that are mentioned above in messages, mails and more. Generally many of the users will use emojis to give quick replies either from Apple Watch or iPhone for the messages that they have received.

If you give a reply to a message from Apple Watch with an animated emoji and the recipient have seen your reply message on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, they will receive a messages with an embedded animated GIF.

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