WeatherPeek jailbreak team for quick weather highlights


WeatherPeek is an upcoming jailbreak tweak, from the AtomDevTeam, does something pretty cool which allows you to use a simple peek gesture while on the first Home screen page to see current and upcoming weather info for a designated area. The Peek gesture is a basically a swipe and hold gesture that reveals the weather information hidden off screen.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed on your device, you’ll be met with a fairly in depth setup wizard. This wizard will walk you through enabling WeatherPeek in one or more of its three locations, selecting the designated weather location, and more. The setup features slick animations, text, and graphics to help you through the process. It’s evident that a lot of time and thought has been put into this tweak.

The best part of WeatherPeek is the ability to peek at the weather details directly from the iPhone’s Home screen. It’s also possible to feature weather on the Lock screen and in the Spotlight interface, but neither of those options are as good as the SpringBoard option. In fact, I recommend keeping WeatherPeek disabled for everything but the SpringBoard.

WeatherPeek is still being worked on, but as you can see this tweak shows promise. It’s a different take on weather, features an enhanced setup process, and contains easy to use and staightforward preferences. Although I’m not overly enthused by every single last one of the tweak’s options, its core functionality, that of peeking at your weather on the iPhone’s Home screen, is absolutely top notch.

Currently this WeatherPeek tweak is available in the near future on cydia, View the video of WeatherPeek for better understanding.

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