Webtrends Optimize Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $59.00


Webtrends Optimize Review: Webtrends Optimize is an enterprise-grade experimentation platform with a suite of website optimization tools to enhance visitors’ digital experience and help businesses to increase online conversions.

Webtrends Optimize helps develop website optimisation strategy and the delivery of these tactics, ranging from simple AB test button colour changes right through to one-to-one personalisation and advanced testing techniques. Webtrends Optimize’s Mutual Exclusions feature helps to control a user’s exposure to multiple experiments by using mutual exclusion rules.

Buy Webtrends Optimize Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Webtrends Optimize Review

Webtrends Personalization provides tools for enhancing customer experiences by providing insights on past visits to the site, that enables tailoring content to their needs on future visits. The Target feature helps to Identify key segments and target each of them with a specific experience. The survey tools ranging from on-site surveys to snap-shot to complex multi-question format enables getting instant reactions on the customer experience.

Webtrends Optimize Overview

We help businesses increase their online conversions, allowing experimentation without restrictions. To maximise the ROI from their website and other digital assets with informed, data-driven decisions. We have a full range of testing, analysis and personalisation tools and features. Including AB, ABn, MVT and Split testing, Social Proof and Product Recommendations engines, Exit Intent overlays and a host of others tools. Client or Server-side testing is available and a selection of SDKs for Mobile app optimisation. Our technology was created in 2000, the first testing and targeting solution in the market. The platform has grown exponentially since then, and even more rapidly so since the acquisition of Webtrends Optimize in August 2018 by the UK-based Accelerate Group Ltd.

Webtrends Optimize is used by our in-house marketing team to run various A-B tests on our websites. This allows us to improve the site for both User Experience and Conversions.
  • The Webtrends team are excellent at taking the time to understand and learn about our distinct business needs, and recommend suggestions in response.
  • The Webtrends platform has undergone several changes over the time I was using it. This illustrates the constant thrive to improve their service to users, something I greatly appreciated.
  • Webtrends Optimize enables the whole process to be simple with its handy instructional guides that can inform clients about using the service.
  • Webtrends could improve their service by further improving the user interface, so it becomes even easier for clients to use.

Optimize Features

For Mobile
For Websites
Screen Activity Recording
Unmoderated Testing
Usability Testing
User Journeys
User Research

All that testing information is neatly arranged for you in the analytics, letting you monitor each change to the site to find ones that are most effective. Your perfect change combination will even have peanut butter and jelly watching their backs. Track all of your changes to see which ones are active, which are still being staged, and which have been archived for later assessment.

Get Appsumo Webtrends Optimize in the Deal for $59.00

Webtrends Optimize lets you easily test and implement site changes to make sure everything is as effective as possible, including tailored content for each visitor. So don’t miss the chance to jump on that soaring conversions bandwagon.

Webtrends Optimize doesn’t make you immediately change your website, either. You’ll see an overlay of your new content on the page with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor that requires no coding experience. Before you make permanent changes, Webtrends Optimize lets you run A/B tests and target certain content to different groups to make the biggest impact.

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