Wikipedia puts forth grievances for having not received anything in return form Apple


Apple has been this time round charged for the using of date and pulling out resources without however giving anything back and that is what may get apple called guilty of exploitation.

The smart assistants of Apple, Amazon and Google have relied heavily on Wikipedia for their sources of information, Google has made substantial donations but however Apple and Amazon haven’t.

Well much to it, using of a service also means an obligation to give back and however Apple hasn’t given back much to and that has triggered a sense of a breach in the relation.

Amazon hasn’t paid back much and however Apple has contributed only $50000 for the same though Google on the other end has given back more than a million dollars for the same period.

The reason Wikipedia can hold such a thing is that most of the queries asked are answered using the Wikipedia information and may be that gives the right to Wikipedia to allege for not having received back what was rightfully a return for the obligation.

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Eric Christopher
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