WWDC 2018 : Apple MapKit JS can now embed maps on third-party websites


After greeting its user with the update in nearly every field of their software, there wasn’t any direct announcement about the Apple Maps getting a major update. However, the Apple MapKit team announced at WWDC 2018 that MapKit JS can be used to embed maps within a website.

This is not a huge update or improvement as Apple is following the footsteps of Google Maps, which for a long time has been a popular feature that is used as an embedded map for several Web services. Notably, MapKit JS is a map component that is already used in Web services such as Find My iPhone and even the WWDC 2018 site.

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What does this mean for the Apple Maps user?

Well, users will soon find Apple Maps embedded in different websites around the web. The company has opened up a Web-based API for developers in beta. The new MapKit JS brings Apple Maps to the Web finally, a feature provided by Google since the dawn of time. The new JavaScript library lets users add interactive maps to web pages, including annotations, overlays, and interfaces to Apple Maps services such as Search and Directions. The above functionality can display a defined map area of the developer’s choosing, pinpoint locations in user searches, and navigational directions between two places.

It is also possible for the map to enable or disable panning, zooming, and rotation, depending on what is required. As part of its optimization for assorted browsers and device types, MapKit JS also supports standard touchscreen gestures, including pinch-to-zoom and two-finger rotation.

When is it gonna be available?

The Apple MapKit JS library is launching in beta this week. It mirrors the MapKit API available to native iOS apps, with Apple Maps iconic cartography and data sources.

How do I access it?

To access the beta MapKit JS, developers are required to sign up through their Apple Developer account and obtain a key, in order to use the MapKit JS beta. There is a free-usage limitation of 250,000 map initializations per key per day, as well as 25,000 service requests which cover geocoding and searches, with developers requiring higher allocations needing to contact Apple on the matter.


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