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The iBulletin is a next-gen technology media portal focused on covering all the ongoing buzz around the most valuable brand in the world, Apple.

The iBulletin aims at gathering the latest updates about Apple, the brand and its products and presents it to the readers. TiB has been around since August 2014 as one of the most reliable sources for content about Apple devices and the brand.

The team comprises of young and motivated tech enthusiasts who love using and experimenting with Apple products. Our team members are spread across the world with the editing team residing at Kansas City in the US.

In an already-crowded tech reporting environment, the idea behind launching The iBulletin was to have a portal which just caters to the Apple fanatics. For the Apple fanboys, TiB aims to become the sole source of news and information.

The iBulletin Team

Cameron Kevin

Cameron Kevin

Co-Founder & CEO

Cameron is a socially-minded entrepreneur, working at nexus of international trade, development and business. He co-founded The iBulletin after successfully investing in The Bulletin Network in 2014.

Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

One of the youngest Indian CEOs and already a serial entrepreneur at 22, Prithvi co-founded The iBulletin, and is responsible for overseeing the content strategy and implementation.

Eric Christopher

Eric Christopher

Editor - Latest Products

An Apple fanboy at heart, Eric has been involved in tech reporting since over half a decade. He has been writing for various online publications about gadgets and consumer electronics. At The iBulletin, he covers various tutorials on iOS and Mac.



Contributor - Tutorials

The youngest of the lot, Avi has been remotely interning with The iBulletin and is responsible for covering the latest tutorials on iOS and Mac. He can be reached out at