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How to turn on iCloud backup on iPhone & iPad

This article provides you the information about how to enable and disable the iCloud backup and the importance of this option

How to use Apple Watch to find iPhone

Apple Watch contains feature which allows you to locate your paired iPhone which comes in handy for when you've misplaced your iPhone nearby while still connected and this can be done through the settings glance

How to clear DNS Cache on iPhone and iPad

This article provides you about how to clear and flush DNS cache in iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Actually there are many ways to perform DNS Flush on iOS

Intel starts shipping first 10nm ‘Cannon Lake’ processor with 32GB LPDDR4 RAM support

Intel's much-anticipated, and oft-delayed, 10nm processors have finally surfaced. The 10nm processor has popped up in a Lenovo Ideapad 330. Spotted on a Chinese...

How to disable Autocorrect feature on Mac

This article provides the information about how to diable/ Turn off Autocorrect feature on mac devices in a step by step way to better understanding

Officially Apple Pay launches in United Kingdom

Now Apple pay can be seen officially in United Kingdom and this service will be available in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

How to show and hide filename extensions on Mac OS X

This article provides you the clear information about how to show and hide filename extensions on Mac OS X, As there are many ways to do but here you're discussing only few

New From Gadgets

Apple acquires digital audio instrument maker camel audio

Apple acquired camel audio, based upon the details found on corporate registry site companies house and well-known for its rang of plug-ins, synthesizers, effects, and sound libraries, which were available through the company's Alchemy software.

iPhone XR production stalled amidst manufacturing issues

According to reports, Apple will have to change and reschedule the iPhone XR production and sale amidst manufacturing issues. The iPhone XR, which was scheduled...

VLC media player app coming soon to new Apple TV

Apple's latest fourth-generation Apple TV includes an App Store, which will allow users to access many apps like VLC media player app and also popular stream Plex app

How to delete iPhone photos with Purrge

This article provides information about how to delete photos in iPhone by using purrge, which can delete faster and easier when compares to deletion of photos through stock Photos application

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Trending In Mobile

IPad Boosts Market Share As Tablet Market Declines

The iPad helped its piece of the overall industry in the last quarter of a year ago, accomplishing exceptionally slight development as the tablet...

Apple Pay brings new customers to Staples iOS app

Apple Pay is one of the first mobile payment services to generate this type of buzz. But initially we have seen PayPal and Google Wallet however Apple Pay is getting support from government

Apple releases iTunes 12.1 includes widget for Notification Center

Apple releases iTunes 12.1 which includes control widget for notification center, previously iTunes 12 music management application was updated last year October for OS X Yosemite

iOS 12 allows developers to offer free trials for non-subscription apps

The newly introduced iOS 12 and MacOS 10.14 featured a variety of improvements in their respective App Stores. As detailed by Apple during a WWDC session entitled,...


How to auto backup iPhone photos to Google Drive

This article provides you the information about how to auto back up iPhone photos to Google Drive and also how the updated app's photo features differ from those of the Google+ app

Stanford developing iOS8 apps with Swift programming language

Stanford is releasing its first course on Apple’s new swift programming language for iOS and OS X and it's available to all through iTunes U and the course is available to download for free of cost


Apple iOS 11.3 lets users control battery performance

After facing the flak over the revelation that it was purposefully slowing down iPhones to save battery life. Apple has released iOS 11.3 update...

How to browse web from Notification Center

NCBrowser 8 is a jail break tweak which allows you to browse web through notification center in iOS and by using this tweak users can browse web instantly accessible from any app courtesy of the Notification Center pull-down interface.

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