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How to activate Siri without using home button

Siri is an extra-ordinary personal assistant that came with iOS 8 which got significantly more better. Since the release of Siri to iOS platform...

How to quit Mac app which not responding

This application provides you the information about how to force quit Mac app which is not responding on your Mac device where app went wrong due to some reasons

Reportedly Apple Watch to be stored in safes inside Apple stores

Apple is planning to rearrange shelves in Apple Store to make room for Apple Watch display tables. Apple is also working on many ways to demonstrate the Apple Watch to customers

HomePod Saw Strong First Day Pre-Orders as Apple’s Audio Products Flourish

NPD is today out with new information on the brilliant speaker showcase as the HomePod nears its second month of accessibility. The examination offers...

Parallels now supports windows 10 inside OS X

parallels is a global leader in hosting and cloud services on all the available platforms, Now they updated version 10 to 10.1.4 which brings the ability to run windows 10 on OS X vistually

How to hide Apple’s default apps

This article provides the information about how to hide Apple's default apps in easy steps as well as through a video for better understanding

How to backup and restore Mac with Time Machine

This article provides the information about how the feature time machine works how to back up and restore mac with time machine

Apple to launch updated iPod this year : Rumor

As per some sources Apple is planning a refresh of their iPod touch later this year, citing a source familiar with Apple’s future product plans.

Steve Wozniak plans to delete his Facebook account over privacy issues

Facebook has created a huge controversy by selling the user data. After Facebook confirmed that Cambridge Analytica has used data that had been collected from 50...

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How to install Windows 10 on mac

Microsoft has recently announced its much awaited Windows 10 Operating System and it also released Windows 10 Technical preview to the developers. If you...

How to use hot keys to open applications on OS X

Generally, if you want to open any application on OS X, you do it through Launchpad interface or by searching through Spotlight or from...

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Apple stock drops after Nikkei report of iPhone X production cut

A report today guarantees that Apple is cutting its iPhone X creation focuses into equal parts because of 'frustrating Christmas season deals.' Apple is said...

How to mount Amazon S3 Cloud Drive on Mac finder

Cloud storage has become very important medium to store all your files and many people using at least one of the cloud services. Coming...

How to fake out FourSquare on jailbroken iPhone

This post provides you clear information in a step by step process for easy understanding about how to fake out FourSquare on jailbroken iPhone


PDF Expert 5, Scanner Pro, Documents 5 updated with 3D Touch support

Readdle is the developer behind several popular productivity and document handling apps, has pushed out updates to Documents 5, Scanner Pro, and PDF Expert 5 which brings 3D Touch support

Pitchground Deals: July 2020 Top offers

Pitchground launched some awesome lifetime deals for July 2020. Check and pick the best deals to grow your business. Latest Pitchground Deals Pitchground top deals for...


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