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How to Silence Siri with Mute Switch on iPhone & iPad

This article provides the information about how to Silence Siri with Mute Switch on iPhone and iPad with step by step process for easy understanding

Your old iPod is a Time Capsule of Former Musical tastes

In the event that you have any of your old iPods in the profundities of a work area cabinet some place, they could go...

Apple stops iOS 11.4.1 after the rollout of iOS 12

With multiple issues, coming up from the recent iOS 12 software update. Apple on Monday stopped signing code for iOS 11.4.1, the last version of...

Apple working on a New iPhone with Digital ‘Force Touch’ Side Buttons?

Back in August of 2016, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) distributed an Apple patent titled "Electronic gadgets with sidewall shows" which portrayed...

India to offer full-support as Apple plans to set up manufacturing unit

To set up a new manufacturing unit, the government of India has promised full-support to Apple.

Pipes app available for iOS devices

Pipes is a new application landed on App Store with a great design and makes you to consume news that’s personalised, easy to view, summarised & fully automated. Pipes is a product that provides users with personalised content for consumption.

Portal by Pushbullet app available on iOS

Portal is a new file transfer application which is designed for both iPhone as well as iPad. This app is from the team behind Pushbu

How to encrypt files on Mac

Encrypting the files is the best way to secure the information and it makes unreadable to the unauthorised users unless he provides a password....

Apple TV rolls out CBS sports and USA Now channels

Apple launches two new channels on Apple TV namely CBS sports and USA Now where these channel are two different journals. You can get this channels as a update through air

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Apple Store goes down ahead of Apple watch pre-order

This article brings you why Apple store gone down and thing related to pre-order of the Apple Watch as well as Apple's 12 inch Macbook timings of countries with respective their local time

Square updated its Square Cash mobile app for iOS to version 2.8

Square updated its Square Cash to version 2.8 for the iOS devices and this update brings full support for the Apple Watch and allow users to send money to your relatives, family, friends

OmniFocus 2 for Mac gets updated with performance improvements

OmniFocus 2 is one of the popular task management application, This app for Mac got updated to latest version 2.2.4 which brings some minor changes along with performance improvements and bug fixes

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First 18-Core iMac benchmarks Shows Multi-Core Benefits

In the wake of estimating a record quarter with income between $84 billion and $87 billion, Apple has recently detailed its quarterly outcomes throughout...

Instapaper for iOS gets update with support for Apple Watch

Instapaper is the simplest and easiest way to read articles offline any where, any time as you desired. Now this application Instapaper for iOS got updated to version 6.3

How to reduce file size of a PDF file on Mac

Portable Document Format, or PDF for short, is a standout amongst the most omnipresent record designs that is all around embraced crosswise over stages....

Kindle update brings eTextBooks and Book browse to iOS

Amazon's Kindle application got updated to version 4.7 which brings performance and stability improvements and additional features with good user interface

Google Spotlight Stories arrives on iOS

Google spotlight stories app is available for the iPhone and iPad, which brings experimental short films and animations where this app was initially launched in android platform


SimCity 4 Complete Edition on Mac App Store

SimCity 4 popular as SC4 is a city, urban building planning computer game developed by maxis and this game was released in the year 2003 Jan and SC4 is fourth game in a series of SimCity.

How to translate webpages in Safari iOS 8

This article provides you the information about How to translate webpages in Safari iOS 8 through an app called bing which allows you to translate webpages


Apple Inc became first company with $700 billion

Earlier many critics and analysts had a doubt that Apple could fend off competitors like Samsung but now Apple Inc is the first company to reach $700 billion

Worms 4 available on iPhone and iPad

Worms 4 is the latest game in the Worms series and this game is now available for iPhone and iPad. Designed specifically with mobile in mind, as well as Apple's Metal graphics frameworks

KingSumo Review: AppSumo Offers KingSumo Lifetime Deal for $49.00

KingSumo: KingSumo helps to Generate tons of leads for your business or brand with viral giveaways. The main aspects of Kingsumo are: Grow your...

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