How to Set Specific Contacts Who Can Call You on WhatsApp


Hi Friends! We are again here with a new post with a new guide. We will discuss how we can set specific contacts who can call on WhatsApp. If you are searching for this guide, then you are at right place. We need this feature because sometimes we don’t want some people to call us on WhatsApp. If you want to block calls for specific contacts and still want to receive the message from them, then keep reading this article.

Yes, there is WhatsApp mod by Fouad Mokdad. It has tons of cool features. In that mod app, there is special settings for who can call you on WhatsApp.

You can control people who can call you using the Fouad WhatsApp mod. Blocking contacts from calling you is not yet available on official WhatsApp. However, using Fouad WhatsApp will solve your issue for that. Not only call blocking but also Fouad WhatsApp comes with many other privacy control settings. We can hide double tick, grey tick and blue tick from settings and customize them as we wish. You can also show or hide your online status from Fouad WhatsApp mod settings. You will love Fouad WhatsApp when you start using it.

Steps to set people those can Call you on WhatsApp

Read all the steps in below guide that will help you to control who can call you on WhatsApp.

>> First of all, we need to download new version Fouad WhatsApp from this link – fouad mods whatsapp download. Then install and do the initial setup for Fouad WhatsApp.

>> While on the main screen, navigate to the “Calls” tab. Then tap on 3 dots for call setting options.

>> Here you will see “Who can call me?” settings, tap on this. There are 5 options available that we can set as per our preference.

Option#1 – “Everyone”: This setting is the default that allows everyone to call you on WhatsApp even if they are not on your contact list.

Option#2 – “My Contacts”: If you choose this option then the people on your contact list only can call you.

Option#3 – “My Contacts except…”: This setting let you exclude people from your contact list. This list of people cannot call you.

Option#4 – “Select Contacts”: Add specific contacts from your contact list. This list of people only can contact you.

Option#5 – “Nobody”: Using this setting, you can block all the incoming calls.

So, choose any of the specific contact settings for your WhatsApp call from above according to your requirement.

That is all for controlling settings for WhatsApp calls.

IMPORTANT: But it is important to note that this app will replace the Official WhatsApp. So, you need to use Fouad WhatsApp instead of Official WhatsApp with your primary number.

More about WhatsApp Contacts Settings for Calls

Calling on WhatsApp is a great feature available on WhatsApp. Using the call function, we can call any WhatsApp number from our contact list. It provides the best sound quality for voice calls. Overall this calling feature comes for free, you need your mobile data for the call. However, when we want to block someone on WhatsApp for calling only, it doesn’t allow us to do same. To set call feature for people who can call you or block someone on WhatsApp we need Fouad WhatsApp for it. Fouad WhatsApp comes with inbuilt “Who can call me?” feature.

WhatsApp provides free calling feature, so people don’t think a bit before calling you. If we know them, then there might be no issue getting calls from them. However, sometimes we receive calls from many unknown numbers. This feels irritating when we are busy with our work, and we hate to receive calls from unknown numbers. Then only we need this WhatsApp call setting feature. “Who can call me?” feature of Fouad WhatsApp app have 5 flexibility setting for specific contacts. That’s why we have provide details of those settings in above section.


Hope you like this guide for a specific contact list for WhatsApp calling purpose. Really, this is the easiest tutorial for selecting special contacts for WhatsApp Calls.

Please share this with your friends to let them know about this trick.

If you are facing any problem, then do let us know in comments. Thank you.

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