Safe Tips on Passing a Drug Test


Your health won’t be at risk if you take a few hits from time to time. But your existence would be a far bigger problem, as it could be compromised if a drug test shows a positive result. The use of some substances is (still) a taboo, even for medical causes. Sudden control of illicit substance intake is possible in every company, especially in the case of responsible and high-risk jobs.

There are many reasons why employers decide on examining their employees (and job candidates) on illicit substance abuse. In the first place, they care about safety and security in the workplace. They also want to prevent risk behaviors that can endanger their reputation. In most cases, employers opt for urine drug test (visit this link).

passing drug test

Use Natural Ingredients to Cleanse the Organism

Many websites offer magical solutions for passing a drug test, which is usually not reliable. Modern testing methods are quite advanced. So before wasting money on any commercial detox kits, try natural cleansing. It usually means body cleansing using healthy, home-made drinks. Their goal is to flush the toxins from our body without disturbing its natural balance. 

Home-made drinks should cut most of the toxins from your body. No drug test can detect too much ginger or beetroot, so you can take these drinks until the day of the test. The longer you drink them, the higher the chance of eliminating drug traces.

If you have plenty of time until testing, you can try complete body detox. It will include drinks with a diuretic effect, such as green tea, lemon water, or cranberry juice. Drink them in large quantities and pee whenever you can. Just be careful with the coffee intake – don’t go more than 5 or 6 cups a day.

Be Careful with Diluting Urine

diluting urine 

You might wonder, ‘does cranberry juice really work?‘ and you have all the right to do that. It can help you get a negative drug test result, but only if used for a longer time. In case of sudden testing, cranberry juice won’t have any effect. But if you take it for a week or two, it can flush out drug residues, even when it comes to CBD or THC.

One thing to remember when using cranberry juice or any detox drinks is that these can dilute your urine sample. Taking supplements like creatinine, pectin, and Vitamin B complex will prevent urine loses its natural features. These will preserve the natural composition of your pee, but also its color, density, and pH value.

Refrain from Prolonged Use

The use of medical marijuana is widespread these days, due to its proven medical benefits. But it still belongs to light drugs. In occasional users, effects vanish fast. After a week, the traces of THC, which is the most infamous ingredient of marijuana, disappear from the urine (if you didn’t take it in the meantime).

From time to time, do the self-check with some of the at-home drug tests. If you abstain for a long time, you will be surprised by how fast drug traces are removed from your body. Abstinence is a proven method to get yourself a negative result, regardless of the type of analysis you will undergo.

Do the Self-Testing

The last method available for those seeking information regarding passing the illicit substance abuse test is doing a saliva or hair follicle test on your own. If you have enough time before the examination, go to the nearest lab or buy some at-home tester. The only downside to this method is the cost. 

While a saliva test can usually be completed for less than twenty dollars, a hair follicle test can go up to a few hundred dollars. But if you are serious about getting a negative testing result, consider all of the options above.

Check the source below to understand how long drug traces stay in your body: 

No drug test provides 100% accuracy. Even if you’re clean, it can show positive results due to poor or contaminated sampling. You must increase your chance of passing with an at-home check and taking all necessary steps to cleanse your body. Natural ingredients can be quite useful for cleansing, but abstinence is the only secure way of passing the test.

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