iPhone X camera is certainly the best in class!


Well certainly the iPhone X is a device with features to be reckoned with given that the Spanish –language edition of People magazine includes  a section called the “50 Most Beautiful People” and the photography for the same has been done on iPhone X.

The feature of the same had been highlighted by the Apple CEO, Tim Cook on Twitter and the notable names includes Demi Lovato, John Leguizamo, Amara La Negra and Jamie Camil.

Well, a photo shared by Tim Cook shows an iPhone that has been used as the photography equipment though a lot of things other than that would be required like the studio lights or maybe on certain counts the effects from Photoshop.

Apple has in the past claimed proudly that the iPhones have been used by magazines such as Time and ESPN though often for such high profile photos one has to make use of the DSLRs but certainly often the photographers take it as a challenge to get it done even and such in the end acts as a great benefactor for the iPhone as a device with high resolution camera.

And needless to mention, “Shot on iPhone” was quite an eye catching campaign that highlighted how great iPhone cameras were and it was a huge crowd puller as the crowd did believe in the best in class quality of iPhone cameras.

But the fact that bears the testimony to the fact that in the recent two feature films, namely “Tangerine” by Sean Baker and “Unsane” by Steven Soderbergh has been shot in iPhone. The reason being that iPhone as a shooting device fits very easily where the traditional camera’s don’t and certainly it is only possible when the picture shot does not require too much editing or processing.

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