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Apple promoting iTunes (RED) gift cards for Black Friday

Apple is offering Product (RED) iTunes Gift cards with purchase of any qualifying devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad and Mac bought on Black Friday and promotion is going live in US

Apple to stop iPhone 5C production in 2015

As per report by Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times Apple is planning to stop production of iPhone 5C because due to low sales when compare to the expected sales

New port brings CarPlay to iphone/ipad without external display

dam Bell has published preview of his project that attempts to allow CarPlay Apple's iOS feature usually reserved in Car entertainments systems to run directly on iOS devices

How to Fix Yosemite Save sheet growing too long to handle

Yosemite brings a new host of features and functionality to OS X and even some problems as well and more irritating issue is causing save screen to grown longer

Screeny an iOS app : Easier way to delete screenshots

Screeny is a new application and the purpose of this utility app is to save space consumed by the screenshots and helps you to filter and delete the screen shots

iPhone, iPad and Mac deals on Black Friday 2014

For Black Friday many retailers are offering the discounts on many products and some of the retailers includes BEST BUY, B&H PHOTO, TARGET, SAM's CLUB, HHGREGG

Best apps for iPhone and iPad running on iOS 8

This article provides you the information about best iPhone and iPad apps running on iOS 8, check out apps that are blazing the trail in making use of iOS 8's new features.