8 Tips To Make Your House Feel Comfortable and Inviting


A welcoming home is a place that is both delightful and memorable, one that beckons guests and makes it linger in their memories. Moreover, it won’t just make it feel comfortable for the guest but most importantly for you as well.  You do not have to be worried, you can follow our six tips to create a welcoming and comfiest space. You definitely will love to stay at your house even more.

how to make your house comfortable

Warm tone all the way

You can use a warm tone such as brown for the entire décor of your house. But if you do not want your entire house to look brown, you can combine it with white. A combination of brown and white could cast a warm feeling on everyone who walks in. You can choose white color for your furniture, and throw brown décor in your space. If you prefer the other way, you can do so. But we do recommend the usage of warm town, to make your space feel homey and inviting!

Let your entryway set the inviting tone 

Some good curb appeal will definitely help to set the inviting tone to your house. A cute sign on your front door that says “hello.” “welcome” will not just help to add inviting vibes but also act as additional décor on your entryway.  Or if you love plants, you can also make use of it, and put a big green leafy plant near your front door. 

Pay attention to lightning

Good lighting could create a comforting feeling. Make sure to put all sources of lights from your home in a separate corner. This will help you as a homeowner to control how bright or how dim you want the space to be. Separate lights will also help you to make your room look nice and enhance with warm glows all over the corner.  

Pay attention to design and space

Designing the furthest point of a visitor’s view deserves special care. Like adding interesting art or lighting, painting the wall across from your front door in a bold accent color, or doing anything else that will draw attention. This will draw guests in and give them the impression that they want to examine and explore that space. Or you may also want to spend lavishly on a large fluffy pillow. This will help to make your area look cozier. Add one or two textured throw pillows to your couch, or you could also add a throw on the sofa.

Arrange your furniture properly

Most people think that they need to have expensive furniture to make their house look cool. Well, it is very wrong. You just need to know how to arrange your furniture properly. While you might not mind shifting a chair out of the way to have access to the area behind the dining table, visitors rarely feel at ease in unfamiliar surroundings. If your house space is limited, you need to really pay attention to this matter.  You need to make sure that the flow in your house, from the front door, to the seating areas, bathroom, or kitchen is smooth. This will help so that people do not have to squish themselves, or move something out first.  Avoid packing too much furniture together so that nobody can squeeze past it, and avoid scattering so many cushions. 

Display your personal memories

Although they won’t actually warm up your room, a wall of family photos or a mantel full of holiday cards will keep your heart warm and look cool for guests who come to your house.

Smells good

This is the most important point. Your house won’t feel comfortable nor inviting for everyone, especially for you –if weird smells are going out. You can put a diffuser at the corner of your house, or use a fresher spray to make it smell good. Most importantly make sure that you keep your carpet fresh to avoid unpleasant odor coming from it!


We love to decorate our house with fresh flowers, it could add instant charm to your space. But if you do not like fresh flowers to be put around your house, you can use dried twigs and decorate it yourself through DIY, or by putting fake flowers as a replacement.

This simple trick and tips will definitely up your home-decor ability. You do not need something expensive or too-much, to make your space feel comfy. Simple things could definitely help you to get the same result, you just need to know where to start!

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