How to add, remove trusted device for Apple ID two-factor authentication


Apple’s Two factor or two-step authentication is the security method which requires two factors of authentication which is password as well as trusted device in order to successfully access an account. In this article let’s learn on how to add and remove trusted devices for Apple ID two-factor authentication. This will also give information on how to list all apple trusted devices.

How to add trusted device Apple ID two-factor authentication :

To add a trusted device to your list of possible security keys, one needs to simply enable Find My iPhone after logging in with iCloud on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Once Find My iPhone is enabled, that device is automatically added to your list of trusted devices. Once a device is listed in your trusted devices, you have to verify that device. You can also find information on how to change trusted device apple ID.  If you’re not aware then simply follow the steps given below

  • Initially log into iCloud and enable Find My iPhone on the trusted device by tapping settings followed by iCloud on the device.
  • Open Safari and Login to My Apple ID → Password and Security → Add or Remove Trusted Devices.

  • Click on the Verify link next to the device that you wish to enable as a trusted device.
  • On the device that you wish to enable, you will see a four-digit Verification Code.


  • Type this code into the box that appears inside of the Safari browser and click Verify Device.


That’s it, now the trusted device is verified and whenever you want to use  two-factor authentication to log in with your Apple ID, you will be able to use the device you just enabled as a security key.

How to remove trusted device :

In the above steps we have seen how to add trusted device and let us see how to remove trusted device. When you sign out of iCloud or disable Find My iPhone, your device is no longer verified, but will still appear in your list of potential trusted devices.

  • First you have to disable Find My iPhone on the Device.
  • Though safari on your device open and login into My Apple ID followed by password and security followed by Add or Remove trusted devices.
  • Click the Remove link next to the device that you wish to remove.
  • Finally confirm the removal of trusted device.

These are the simple steps, which will guide you to add a trusted device using apple ID and two-factor authorisation as well as to remove trusted device using apple ID. If you have any issues setting up or removing the devices, do let us know in the comment section and I will try my best to solve the issue for you.

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