How to bring up multitasking fast app switcher on iPhone X


Multitasking fast app switcher has been one of the most handy features on the iPhone for over the years. On the older iPhones, you could just double tap the home button and it used to appear. However, with the removal of home button on the latest iPhone X, a lot of users have been trying to find ways of how to bring up the same multitasking app switcher.

One of the solutions to this could be if you could add a home button to your iPhone X home screen. Click here to know how you can add a home button on your iPhone X using the assistive touch technology provided by Apple. However, this is not what a lot of people would want. With iPhone X now supporting gesture based control, a lot of people would want to try them out an be familiar with it as soon as they can.

So in this tutorial, I am writing a short guide on how to bring up the multitasking fast app switcher on iPhone X to navigate within the opened app.

  • To open the multitasking fast app switcher, you just need to tap on to the gesture bar, located at the bottom of screen and simply drag up.
  • Do not lift your finger up until you see the app switcher on your screen. In the beginning, it might take a while for you to get used to it, however, the gestures on iPhone X are generally super fast and you should not be having any issues in setting them up.

If you have any issues in gestures or getting comfortable with iPhone X, feel free to write your queries in the comment box and we will try our best to solve them for you.

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