How to Change Siri’s Voice on iPhone or iPad


The default Siri voice is an American female voice in the United States. But this voice can be changed to something else that you might prefer more.

change siri voice

Steps to follow while changing Siri voice on iPhone/iPad

  1. You need to Open up the Settings app on iPhone or iPad.
  2. After that Select “Siri & Search.”
  3. Then Choose “Siri Voice.” over there.
  4. Tap an option to hear an audio demonstration of what the voice sounds you like.
  5. At last Leave, the option checked to select it and exit out of the Settings app.

These settings are accessible in all countries wherever Siri can be used.  But maybe not all selections may be available in all countries. The opinions that are available to you will be depending on where you live and the language your iOS device is set up too.

In the United States with an iPhone fixed to the English language only. One can pick from an American, Australian, or British accent in both a male or a female voice of their choices.

If you use Siri on a Mac, you can also switch the voice choices there as well. You Just need to open up System Preferences. Then you need to choose the Siri option available on Mac and use the drop-down menu under “Siri Voice” to choose something new. It is simple and provides various options.

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