How to create notes and reminders on HomePod with Siri


There are numerous charges that Siri can comprehend on the HomePod that make it super easy to take fast notes and set up updates for some other time, which all match up to any iOS gadget associated with the brilliant speaker. For whatever length of time that you permitted the HomePod access to Contacts, Messages, Reminders, and Notes in the underlying matching procedure, you’ll have the capacity to request that Siri do the orders in this guide.

To begin with, ensure that your iOS gadget and HomePod are on a similar Wi-Fi organize, so the Notes and Reminders applications get synchronised to the solicitations you make to Siri on HomePod. At that point, look at the summons underneath that you can address Siri so you can make new notes and updates on your iPhone or iPad.

Siri Commands for Reminders

The fundamental starter order for the Reminders application when addressing Siri is “Hello Siri, remind me to…” After that, you can catch up with basically any regular errand that you need to make certain to recall.

Updates can be more particular, also. You can include a particular time of day or future date when you need the suggestion to show up as a push notice on your iOS gadget, and utilize places that are in your Contacts to set off an update.

  • “Hey Siri, remind me to clean the kitchen.”
  • “Hey Siri, remind me to tell Sam happy birthday tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.”
  • “Hey Siri, remind me to pack for the beach Monday afternoon.”
  • “Hey Siri, remind me to text Dad when I leave the house.”
  • “Hey Siri, mark take out the trash as complete.”

In the event that you have some pre-set records in your Reminders application, you can likewise request that Siri add things to it. A standout amongst the most well-known records to make is one for “shopping,” and if HomePod is in your kitchen Siri can help you rapidly assemble your shopping list. Siri can likewise enable set up another rundown on the off chance that you to need.

  • “Hey Siri, create a new shopping list.”
  • “Hey Siri, add bread to my shopping list.”
  • “Hey Siri, what’s on my shopping list?”
  • “Hey Siri, remove milk from my shopping list.”
  • “Hey Siri, mark coffee as completed on my shopping list.”

Siri Commands for Notes

Like Reminders, Siri can make you another Note through straightforward voice orders when you’re close to your HomePod. In the event that you as of now have a Note made, you can likewise include new content into it through Siri.

  • “Hey Siri, add a note called birthday present ideas.”
  • “Hey Siri, add iTunes gift card to my birthday present ideas list.”
  • “Hey Siri, create a note called shows to watch.”
  • “Hey Siri, add Parks and Recreation to my shows to watch note.”

Whenever, Personal Requests can be deactivated on your HomePod by exploring to the Home application, tapping the bolt catch in the upper left corner, tapping your name, and after that flipping off Personal Requests. When it is on, recall that as long as the HomePod and the iOS gadget are on a similar system, anybody close to the HomePod can make a Note and Reminder when addressing Siri.

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