How to go to Home Screen on iPhone X


One of the boldest moves on iPhone X includes the omission of home button from the front screen. Since the original first generation iPhone, the home button had been present at the center of bottom of home screen. However, Apple has taken a big leap towards making iPhone X with full screen display and that does not leave any space for the home button.

Out of all the other features that home button had, the users used it mostly to go to the home screen. However, with iPhone X coming without the home button, a lot of users are now confused on how to go to the home screen on iPhone X.

Below is a short tutorial on how you can go to the home screen on iPhone X

  • Keep the finger at the bottom of iPhone X screen. This area is also known as gesture area (the place where home button was present on the previous iPhones).
  • Just flick up a little bit and release your finger. It is pretty much like how you opened control center on the previous iPhones.

This is it. In a few tries, you’ll get habitual to see your home screen and hopefully, comfortable with using iPhone X.

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