How to AirPlay music from your Apple Watch


If you have music on your Apple Watch then you need bluetooth headphones, because the wearable gizmo doesn’t support playing songs through its built-in speaker. Let us see how to Air Play music from your Apple Watch to another device.

How to AirPlay music from your Apple Watch to another device 

  • Open Music on your Apple Watch by tapping its icon on the Home screen. You can also ask Siri to  Open Music by pressing and holding the Digital Crown.
  • Browse your Playlists, Albums, Artists or Songs until you see a list of music you like. Now tap a song to play it. If you’re not seeing the music you’re expecting then switch the music source between iPhone and Apple Watch by firmly pressing the display and tap source tap iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • When a song starts playing, the playback controls will show up on the screen. To send the music to another device, firmly press the Apple Watch’s display, tap AirPlay and then choose an AirPlay enabled destination.
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