How to change 3D Touch sensitivity on iPhone 6S


The new iPhone 3D Touch display detects the level of pressure placed on the screen and, depending on the app, action, or home screen icon, offers different responses and interactions. These peak and pop features are throughout iOS and offer shortcuts of sorts to perform various functions, and they’re really a great feature of the iPhone 6S lineup.

Using 3D Touch takes a little bit of practice, particularly in regard to applying the correct amount of screen pressure to get the intended action, but one way to greatly improve the 3D Touch experience is to manually adjust the touch screen pressure sensitivity required to activate the various features.

iPhone users can easily change the screen pressure sensitivity, if you’re not aware of how to adjust 3D Touch Screen pressure Sensitivity then simple follow the steps given below :

Steps to adjust 3D Touch screen pressure sensitivity 

  • First you have to open the setting app on your iPhone 6S and then tap on General and go to accessibility.
  • Under accessibility go to 3D Touch sensitivity option and slider below and the select one of the option in “Light”, “Medium”, “Firm” and each one project different pressure sensitivity on the screen as mentioned in next steps.
  • Light : Soft amount of screen pressure activates 3D Touch peak, and a slightly more firm amount of pressure activates 3D Touch pop.
  • Medium : It is the medium level of pressure sensitivity of 3D Touch.
  • Firm : It is the harder amount of screen pressure is required to activate 3D Touch peak and pop.



  • Now scroll down to 3D Touch sensitivity test area and press at varying the degree of the image and the initial 3D Touch press will peak on the image and the harder press will pop the image.



  • Once you’re satisfied leave settings as usual and try the effect else where on your iOS device.

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