How to enable text screen in OS X Quick look


Find a document in the finder and press space bar if you want to open it, if the document doesn’t open you can given a peek inside. That’s OS X’s quick look feature and its been over the years since Apple released OS X Leopard in the year 2007. Here you can see only contents where as you can’t select the text from the file. If you want to do anything more you have to open the file in an application. Even you can change some thing by visiting the terminal application.

Opening a document is not a big deal, but it slow you down especially when you need to copy a sentence or paragraph of the text. That’s where this Terminal pro tip comes in. Obviously, it’s only applicable to files with text content, as opposed to image files, MP3s and other non-text file types that work with Quick Look. In this article let us discuss in detail about how to enable text screen in OS X quick look. Follow the steps given below :

How to enable text screen in OS X Quick look :

How to enable quick look to copy text

  • Initially open terminal.
  • Type defaults write QLEnableTextSelection -bool TRUE and press return button.
  • Type Killall finder and press return (you can copy and paste each of these lines of the text into terminal if you’re preferred)
  • Finally close the terminal.

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