How to Find Cool Bongs for Sale?


When it comes to smoking marijuana, most of us like to have the newest and coolest types of bongs to enjoy.  Whether we’re doing it for medical or recreational purposes, there’s no reason not to enjoy the latest innovations, right?  Still, though, finding them can be the hard part.

After all, it’s not like every city in the world has a brick-and-mortar store with stuff like this.  Even then, there’s a good chance they won’t have exactly what we’re looking for.  Shipping takes time, as does bringing in new stock.  That’s probably why a lot of folks have turned to online shopping when it comes to their bongs and accessories.

bongs for sale

Beyond what was mentioned above, though, there’s also the fact that it’s not legal everywhere to smoke marijuana.  You can see some of the laws here,  Because there are a lot of states in which it just recently became legal, there aren’t exactly a ton of stores around.

Shopping Online: is it Worth it?

All of this does raise a few questions, though.  For one thing, is it really going to be worth it to shop online for a bong?  Given a bit of research, the answer seems to be a yes.  You’re a lot more likely to find the newest stuff on the market online, at the very least.

There are ways to improve your odds of getting a good deal when shopping on the internet, too.  For one thing, there are tons of extensions that can help you to find discount codes for certain vendors.  Keep on the watch for sales from your favorite vendors, too.

In terms of how to find a seller that’s trustworthy, admittedly things can get a bit more difficult.  However, one method that seems to work pretty well here is to look at online reviews!  Now, some people don’t necessarily believe all of them, and that’s a fair way to think about it.  As you can see in this article, there are a lot of mixed feelings on the subject all around.

However, if you’re shopping for bongs in particular, it’s usually pretty safe to trust what you see.  Lots of other people who are connoisseurs of marijuana are around and provide their thoughts on all sorts of different shops.  Try to look for ones that have a ton of variety, too, since that’s typically a good sign.

What Makes a Good Bong?

As far as what to look for out of the ones you’ve got from online vendors, there are a few things that set a bong above the rest.  For one thing, the glass that they’re made out of can be a big deal.  See if the shop you’re considering has any information on that sort of thing.  For example, if you look at Cool Bongs from Freeze Pipe, there’s all sorts of stuff about what each bong is made out of.

Aside from that, there are a few other things to consider.  Shape, of course, is something that’s important for most people who smoke.  Whatever vendor you shop with should ideally have a ton of shapes available, since not everyone wants to stick with the traditional beaker shape.

Shower head ones, bubble ones, and even recyclers are all options that you could go for.  It’ll all depend on your own personal preferences, of course.  Everyone’s habits for smoking are unique, and that’s why there are so many choices around.  Some shops offer options for whole kits, too.

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Kits are nice because they typically come with several accessories along with the bong.  That could be a variety of things, including a dab kit, an e-nail, or even an ash catcher.  You can customize on some websites too, so think about what you’re looking for in specific.

Something else to consider, though, is how you want to smoke.  If you’re wondering, that means stuff like how much you want to smoke, the way you want to take rips, and even what sort of clouds that you want.  As you can see here,, even the size can matter.

Mini ones are nice for portability, if that’s something that appeals to you.  Some of them even have subtle enough designs that they won’t obviously be noticed as a bong if you’re out in public.  Of course, that’s not always the case, but even if that’s not what you’re going for, the cutesy designs appeal to plenty of people.

Medium ones are the most popular, and that’s for good reason.  Realistically, because of their size, they’re the ones that are most suited for use on the daily.  They’re easy to carry around, but can’t really be put in a purse, which is the big difference between them and the minis.  However, they can hold more inside, making them ideal for that daily usage.

Large ones are great too, although they’re usually something that experienced smokers use as opposed to beginners.  They are a bit more difficult to handle, and the puff clouds that come from them are pretty big too.  Still, they can be fun for parties and for home use.

As far as materials go, there are technically types of bongs that aren’t made of glass.  Acrylic, silicone, and ceramic are also options.  However, in terms of the cleanest hits, glass is usually the choice.  While it might be slightly more expensive to get a glass one, it’s worth the cost to avoid a lower quality product.

Finding the right bong for you might be difficult.  Sometimes it takes some trial and error, especially if you’re a beginner to smoking marijuana.  However, once you do find the right fit, the experience is like no other.  Take the time to consider your options carefully and explore the different sellers that are out there.

Read some reviews, check out the info pages on their websites, and think about some of those parts that were mentioned above as you pick what to add to cart.

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