How to open current safari Webpage in Chrome with single click


Generally all the Mac users use their default browser on their machines because the default browser has been exclusively made for their machines. Often while using safari you may have noticed a few elements not appearing properly in this case we use to open the other browser which is installed in the Mac device. This may take some time to open the other browser and copy the URL and paste it on other webpage. To over the time and to make it fast this article provides the information about how to open current safari webpage in chrome with a single click. If you’re not aware of this then simply follow the steps given below:

  • Initially open the chrome browser extension page and download the extension on your Mac. Double click on the downloaded file to extract the actual extension.
  • When the files are extracted, double-click on the file named ‘OpenInChrome.Safariextz’, as that is that extension installer file.
  • The safari will prompt you if you really wish to install the extension named open in chrome and click the button that says Install to allow the extension to be installed on your machine.
  • You will not get success message after the extension has installed, instead you will see a blank Safari window close the safari window and move forward with the procedure.
  • Now you have to enable chrome to accept incoming links from safari. To do that double-click on the file named ‘Chrome helper’ which you have downloaded earlier.
  • Since the Chrome helper has been downloaded from the internet, you need to click on open in the prompt that appears on your screen for it to be launched on your machine.
  • It will silently do its job, you will not even get a confirmation message when it is done.
  • The extension has been successfully installed on your Mac and now launch safari and open any webpage of your choice.
  • On left side of the address bar you will see a little arrow pointing in the right direction and click on it and it will immediately send your current safari tab to the Chrome browser. The webpage will then launch in chrome on your Mac.
  • You can send as many webpages to chrome as you want from safari on your Mac and if you send multiple webpages they will launch in multiple tabs in chrome.

If you want to disable the extension on your chrome browser then simply follow the steps given below:

  • Open the safari and click on safari followed by preferences and you will be taken to the preferences panel from where you can manage settings for your browser.


  • Under the preference click on the extensions tab to be taken to the extensions list.


  • In the extension tab, click on open in chrome in the left sidebar and then click on uninstall button.




  • Click on uninstall when the prompt appears and then extension will be uninstalled.

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