How to use USB drive to transfer files on iOS


There are a few workarounds for getting information off a USB stick or SD card, and onto your iPad or iPhone. We’ve even secured a few. Be that as it may, up to this point, there’s been no real way to simply connect a USB adhere to your iPad’s Lightning port, and peruse the substance in iOS 11’s Files application. On account of a refresh to the fabulous FileBrowser application, that is currently conceivable.

How to use a USB stick with your iPad

To pull off this trick, you’ll need two things:

  • The FileBrowser for Business app from Stratospherix
  • A Sandisk iXpand Drive

FileBrowser is an application that gives you a chance to peruse records on a wide range of outside gadgets and administrations. It can associate with FTP servers, for instance, yet in addition to a system drive at home, to the remote SD card in your camera, or to an outside drive associated with your home switch. Also, in iOS 11, FileBrowser included help for the local Files application, giving you a chance to peruse every one of these areas gadgets from the solace of the Files application.

Sandisk’s iXpand Drive is a USB thumb drive with a Lightning plug on the end. It can be utilized on a customary PC, and furthermore connected to your iPad. Typically you would utilize Sandisk’s own particular iExpand Sync application to peruse the gadget, which is for the most part how every one of these sorts of gadgets work.

Just like the Finder on your Mac

Presently, however, FileBrowser for Business gives you a chance to get to the iXpand Drive from Files application coordinate. You know how when you connect a USB drive to your Mac, it just appears in the Finder? Since takes a shot at your iPad as well. You can drag documents to and from the iXpand Drive, and open them in applications, much the same as you can with any records put away on your iPad. You can likewise drag records between envelopes, giving you a chance to snatch music documents from the iXpand Drive and placing them into an organizer for use in GarageBand, for instance.

Or then again you can duplicate motion pictures from a companion’s PC and watch them on your iPad (utilizing an outsider application at any rate — regardless you can’t add music to your Music application, or films to the Videos application without iTunes on the work area).

Will we ever get built-in support for USB storage?

Everything is set up for Apple to simply enable us to push a USB stick into our iPads and peruse the substance in Files application. It obviously works fine, on the grounds that Sandisk and Stratospherix have overseen it. What’s more, the issue of where to oversee outer capacity was at that point fathomed by Apple with iOS 11’s Files application itself.

Then again, with iCloud stockpiling so shabby and ample, outer capacity isn’t essential for some undertakings, so perhaps Apple simply doesn’t think its a component worth including?

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