Identifying the most effective Disinfection against re-emerging infections


Let us begin by facing the present reality. A new world of hygiene is simply being built around us. An atmosphere of carefulness is simply being moulded across nations. Humanity is perhaps retracing its steps too. At a time when hygiene is more important than it has ever been in human history, everyone becomes an active player that needs more strategy and equipment for wellness. This is the simple narration of the new normal we all have found ourselves following the recent coronavirus outbreak. Since a cure is yet unknown, the best approach to safety has become its prevention. There is, therefore, no misplacement of facts about the upsurge of coronavirus disinfection services and equipment around us. For many people, disinfection machines, nebulizers, air purifiers, and in fact coronavirus disinfection chemicals are relatively new terms, words, and combinations of phrases. However, they are as relevant as they could be in a new nature conditioned world.

It is no one’s dream that the deadly outbreak referred to as Covid-19 stay. Nonetheless, desperate times require desperate measures. This exactly is the justification for loads of disinfection services and equipment as brandished by various brands. The world is tilting towards the coronavirus disinfection business as the new goldmine especially as it is known that no one wants to fall victim to the deadly pathogen. The worrisome dose, however, is if every brand selling disinfection materials and equipment should be trusted. The correct answer to this is NO. How then would you know what disinfectants to use in the fight against Covid-19? We have got some help with Virus Guard in mind as a worthy example of one of the best coronavirus disinfection chemicals.

Not an ordinary disinfectant

Admittedly, there are lots of disinfectants before the coronavirus outbreak. Will all of these works effectively in protecting yourself against coronavirus? Definitely not. Most of the existent disinfectants were produced as mere antibacterial and antifungal. Indeed, even in the cases, they were antiviral, the infections focused by these disinfectants are primarily not in the family, type, or class of coronavirus. Any investment in this kind of disinfectant is as good as a waste of resources and a false hope of safety which could further endanger users with exposure to the virus he is supposedly preventing. This being realized, you need a disinfectant that is exactly prepared to kill and attack coronavirus pathogens.

Medically tested disinfectants

Not all coronavirus disinfectants fit the medically tested phrase. A medically tested disinfectant is medically graded. An example of this is the Virus Guard medical grade wipes. These kinds of disinfectants deliver the versatility needed to use disinfection anywhere. They also give an assurance of broad-spectrum disinfection for at least ten days. Such are also dermatologically tested. This means that the disinfectant has been approved to cause no irritation or related harm to the skin of users. On top of this, a medically tested disinfectant meant for protection against coronavirus should be able to stop the cross-contamination of the virus. In this case, Virus Guard product has an exciting benefit above the rest. It conveniently stops coronavirus cross-contamination for up to ten days of single use. This means that users could save money and remain protected for another ten days after the use of the coronavirus disinfection chemical.

Covers beyond the scope of coronavirus

There is actually no or limited safety so to say if all your coronavirus disinfectant could do is to protect you from Covid-19 alone. The chemical should be able to ensure a wide range of safety across other pathogens that could also expose you to ill health. Realistically, these should range from the most common bacteria to fungi and other viruses. Once more, Virus Guard disinfectants fit perfectly here. They provide you with a straight ten days surface protection not only against coronavirus but also bacteria, fungi, and other viruses.

Certified as fit for use

There are standards to which chemicals can be used, manufactured, and marketed because of their tendencies to cause harm and rigorous health challenges. These are called coronavirus disinfection certification. Manufacturers are expected to meet certain standards for their chemical products if their brand would be used or marketed to the public. These include among others, CE, ISO, and GMP certification. FDA, VAH, and biocompatibility approval as well as easy to use emblem. On top of these, Virus Guard product added a long term protection emblem which means that the coronavirus disinfection chemical will conveniently stop the cross-contamination of pathogens for up to ten days of product use.

Biosafe and eco-friendly

Coronavirus should not lead the humankind to solve a problem to create another vindication. How do I mean? The rave about climate change is real and should not be swept under the carpet in the name of putting an end to a pathogenic outbreak. Our planet and the global ecosystem still have to be preserved and secured to inhabit humans without creating another health crisis. This being said, the materials used in the production of coronavirus disinfectants are expected to be biosafe and ecofriendly. To this end, Virus Guard products are corrosion-free and very eco-friendly even when nanotechnology coating is involved in the use process.

Disinfectants should be people and kids conscious

What is a disinfectant when it is not dermatologically tested, food-safe, and to cap it all, allergic? It would be a health omen for users. However, Virus Guard products beg a difference among others here. They are alcohol-free and so are entirely useful around children and alcohol allergic individuals. Similarly, Virus Guard products are in the line of coronavirus disinfection chemicals which are food safe and approved in that regard. The product also saves you energy and work overload. Once used, it reduces further cleaning on surfaces by 50 percent.

Disinfection chemical made for all

  The best coronavirus disinfection chemicals should be suitable for everyone to use both young and old. The best coronavirus disinfection business services and product manufacturing companies are also those that factor in use in different places with differentiating factors in mind. This is to mean that the same disinfection chemicals cannot be sold to hospitals and school at the same time. The ones that would be used in households should also not have entirely similar specifications with those for use in public spaces. Virus Guard tailored its products perfectly with these considerations in mind. It uses the most advanced and individual’s chemical formulation and packaging technology to ensure the efficacy of its products, and so it has a total of eleven products in the line, each having its most suitable use and sizes. These include;

  • The All-in-One Disinfectant (500ml)
  • The Schooly Disinfection for Schools (500ml)
  • Fit Safe Disinfection for equipment (500ml)
  • Travel Size Disinfectant (100ml)
  • Safe and Clean Disinfection Wipes
  • Schooly Disinfection wipes
  • Fit and Safe Disinfection Wipes
  • All in One Disinfection Concentrate
  • Disinfection Wipes Dispenser
  • Ready to Use 5L for Virusjet Diffuser
  • Virusjet Diffuser

Whether in homes, schools, hospitals, or other public spaces, everyone deserves the best disinfection chemical against coronavirus to remain as safe from the deadly virus. There is only one way to this; purchasing rightly and from the best source. Virus Guard is one great source I would recommend anytime anywhere for its wholesome advantages over other products in the class and series of coronavirus disinfectants. Smart decision making is one of the safety recipes for all at a time like this.

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