LeadKlozer Webinar: Are your Facebook Marketing Dollars Going Down the Drain?


Did you know that according to Forbes, “More than 80% of small to medium sized enterprises reported feeling stressed and overwhelmed and panicking everyday about their social media.” 🥺

… “Without a CRM system, 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales “– PARDOT

Facebook is NOT a CRM.

Say it with me… Facebook is NOT a CRM. It’s a Social Media Platform…. and a Gold Mine if you know how to extract leads from it. 💰 -YES… BUT, check this out:

🤜Facebook VS CRM 🤛

  • No tracking 🤔
  • No History 🤨
  • No context 😐
  • No prioritizing 😑
  • No Categorizing 😯
  • No Scheduling 😔
  • No searching 😞
  • No reminders 😣
  • No accountability 😨
  • No sales focus 😭

Facebook is a social network designed to create connections and conversations. It’s absolutely awesome at that… but that’s about it!

However… let’s face it 😉 … Facebook is not a good conversation tool. It happens in bits and pieces without continuity.

👑 LeadKlozer solves all these problems 🤗

Sales is divided into 2 essential parts parts – lead generation + closing…

the most successful sales people are the ones who spend a lot of time and resources in the closing side of the equation 🤯

70% of engagements on FB is likes/reactions – micro events 👍
You can now have deliberate conversations and track each engagement with a LK social profile….

These social profiles track ALL engagements from ad forms, chatbots, comments on images/videos/posts, and reactions (likes, hearts,etc).

LK also helps you categorize your leads and customers so you know exactly how to sell to them….

  • selling a new lead is 5-20% conversion rate
  • existing customer is 60-70% conversion rate

LK helps you sell MORE/be more profitable by not forgetting your existing customers 👊
79% of marketing leads are missed. Of the 40% of leads that get engaged, they only get engaged once. It takes on average 7-8 followups to close a cold lead.

Does that even matter to you? If the answer is Yes, keep reading… if the answer is No, keep reading!

In fact, just do one thing:

Click Here to Watch our Webinar with the Founder of LeadKlozer, and learn how to increase the EFFECTIVENESS of your Facebook marketing right now.

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