Why Online Lab Tested Kratom Capsules Is the Best Way to Buy Kratom


If you’re wanting to try kratom and find a reputable source, we’re definitely going to help you in this regards. Kratom is starting to hit the mainstream as a marketable product all over the United States, despite the DEA’s failure to ban the product in the country, and therefore, there are many sites and online stores that have sprung up as a result from these actions.

The downside to this though, is that not every single manufacturer of kratom capsules actually offers high quality lab testing, but there are a few that do, and it’s extremely important that you make sure the online store you choose does so (we’ll tell you why, and what vendor we’ve found later, but keep reading for more information) for many various reasons, which we’ll get into next.

Less Harmful Ingredients

Some kratom capsule vendors use things like manufactured capsules that contain harmful to your body ingredients, and some may even contain iron oxide, which can be hazardous to your health. At the same time, if you find a company that doesn’t provide lab test results, you don’t know that you’re actually getting pesticide and chemical free products, not to mention the fact that you don’t even really know if you’re buying pure kratom at all.

Many companies that don’t provide lab testing have been known to cut their products, and even enhance and mix the potently dangerous drug called fentanyl into their kratom products. Therefore, while a company may not be actually putting this bad synthetic opioid into your kratom, you won’t actually know if you can’t see lab results.

Another thing that you may not know is that many kratom vendors that make claims to be pure and not show lab results often cut their kratom with other herbs, that literally don’t do anything for you at all. This is not only not cool, but it means you’re paying a high price for something as simple as lemongrass and other herbs that can “make it taste or smell better”. Any avid user of kratom will happily tell you that kratom neither smells good, nor does it taste good, so if you order a product and it tastes great, then you’re definitely not getting pure kratom.

Labs Matter

You can’t just trust any lab results that they put on the docket entry either when it comes to the selling and manufacturing of a drug like kratom. All they’d have to do is find some documentation and literally just type it up (which anyone can do). Look for a seal of approval, and search for the “laboratory” that did the testing to ensure that you’re getting a very high quality product.


One of the best lab tested sources of kratom that we’ve been able to find online comes from the store known as kratomcountry.com online vendor. They’ve been in service for a very long time, and only sell the purest and most natural kratom available on the market, with lab test results that are actually official for every single kratom product (even the capsules!) that they sell on their website.

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