How to remove fingerprint from touch ID on iOS


Apple introduced revolutionary security feature Touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor with iPhone 5S. It allows you to unlock your Apple device with your fingerprint as well as made it easy to make purchases from App store with just touch of your fingerprint.

You can add up to maximum of five fingerprints on your device’s Touch ID. If you want to remove fingerprint for some reasons, such as you want to remove the old one and want to add the new one, then how will you do it.

How to remove fingerprint from touch ID on iOS

  • First, launch Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Scroll down for Touch ID and Passcode and tap on it.
  • Now enter the Passcode of your device to enter Touch ID settings.
  • Scroll down for the fingerprints. Here tap on the fingerprint which you desire to delete and tap on delete. This deletes the fingerprint from your iOS device. You can also swipe left to delete the particular fingerprint.

You can repeat the same process to remove other fingerprints also. If you have included more than one fingerprint on your device’s touch ID, touch your finger on home button to find which fingerprint it is linked to. If your finger matches with the fingerprint in the device then it will be highlighted briefly.

Touch ID and the passcode is the great security feature that Apple has introduced, which offers complete security to your device. If you are highly worried about security of your iOS device, then this feature is very helpful to you.

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