How to update iTunes match manually on Mac


iTunes Match is the amazing feature which is used to access music from all your devices. It also helps to empty the precious storage space on your devices. All the music purchases from iTunes will automatically sync with iTunes Match, there might be chance of missing music one device or other. If you face this situation, then manual update to the iTunes Match through the PC or Mac will solve this. Let ue see here how to do that.

How to update iTunes match manually on Mac

  • First launch iTunes either through application or browser on your mac or PC.
  • Now click on the store icon located in the top navigation menu.
  • Click on Update itunes match.

This will update your iTunes match and you will see a message in the progress section displaying that iTunes Match is updating. If you want to see the progress of the process click on match tab. Once iTunes match is updated, check all your devices again and the error would be rectified. If this fails, you will not be see the new music. You can try doing iTunes match off and on. Check below for how to turn iTunes on and off.

How to turn iTunes on and off

  • Launch Settings app on your iOS device.
  • In settings menu click on iTunes & App store.
  • Now turn on the option for iTunes Match.

If you want to turn off iTunes match, then simply turn off the option for iTunes Match. This will solve the problem for sure and now the new music list will be visible on all your devices.

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