How watchOS 5 Brings Rich Web Content to Messages and Mail on Apple Watch


The latest version of Apple’s watchOS ensures to begin strong HTML content to the wrists of Apple Watch users, because of new Webkit optimizations that better apps like Mail and Messages.

Apple increased on the new WebKit features at a WWDC session where it revealed to developers how they can better web content on Apple Watch screens.

Presently in the watchOS Mail app, rich HTML messages are performed in a text format. And the users are advised to see the content on a different device for the complete experience.

Moreover, hitting a URL link received in Mail or Messages leads Apple Watch users to see the web page.

Though in watchOS 5, full HTML emails are proficient of being displayed on Apple Watch in cases where only text formatting can’t display the content. Users can also see web page links also associate with them, albeit in a confined way.

In a Force Touch, a constant press on the Apple Watch screen shows back and forward buttons to operate by the viewing history.

Apple has said that it obtained the WebKit optimizations by contracting the 320-pixel display. It was handled by the iPhone SE to fit the 156-pixel width of the Apple Watch display. Basically, this enables text and images to emerge smaller while maintaining the overall layout of the page.

Apple remarks that the optimizations are directed at fast using content, therefore some features like video playback and web fonts aren’t available. However, they are able to associate with HTML content, and there’s also a Safari-like Reader mode.

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