How to adjust EQ on HomePod


Hypothetically, you shouldn’t need to change the sound of the music playing to your HomePod. Between all the favor music preparing, and the HomePod’s capacity to tailor its sound to the size and state of your room, music should turn out sounding entirely extraordinary as of now. Yet, that doesn’t represent taste. Perhaps you like a ton of additional bass? Or then again perhaps a specific recurrence is blasting in your room, and the HomePod isn’t making a move.

At that point you should attempt adjustment — tweaking the adjust of sound frequencies put out by the speaker. The awful news is that the HomePod offers no local EQ. Fortunately it’s anything but difficult to change on your Mac or iPhone.

HomePod’s auto EQ is probably good enough already

On the off chance that you need to change the EQ of your HomePod in light of the fact that you can, that is cool and all, however first consider that you likely don’t have to. The HomePod is a speaker with a PC inside. It utilizes a variety of amplifiers to investigate the sound reflecting around its condition, auto-rectifying for the room’s acoustics and also setting the EQ bend (bass and treble, for instance) to best match the tune that is playing.

It bodes well, at that point, that there are no client flexible EQ settings. Yet, you can get around that by gushing your music to the HomePod utilizing AirPlay, Apple’s restrictive spilling convention. AirPlay gives you a chance to set the EQ on the sending gadget — a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

How to stream music to HomePod with AirPlay

To utilize this deceive, you first need to stream your music to the HomePod utilizing AirPlay. Rather than utilizing Hey Siri to advise your HomePod to play a melody, you should play that tune either in the Music application on your iOS gadget, or in iTunes on your Mac. At that point, utilizing the AirPlay board, pick your HomePod as a goal speaker.

How to tweak the music EQ on iOS

On iOS, the EQ settings are covered in Settings > Music > EQ, down in the Playback segment of the Music inclinations. Snap there, and you can pick from one of the presets. Dissimilar to the Mac, iOS offers no real way to physically alter the EQ sliders, so you’re screwed over thanks to the presets.

In my testing, any custom presets you spare don’t get matched up opposite iTunes on your Mac, which is a disgrace. On the other hand, I never utilize the EQ settings, so I don’t generally mind.

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