How to stop HomePod from updating software automatically


As we clarified in one of our HomePod tips articles, you should utilize Apple’s stock Home application on an iPhone or iPad to refresh the working framework on your HomePod remote speaker.

As a matter of course, HomePod will consequently introduce another firmware as it ends up accessible.

Gratefully, Apple gave us some genuinely necessary choices and one of them gives you a chance to turn programmed refreshes off in the event that you want to physically check for new HomePod programming.

How to disable HomePod automatic updates

To stop your HomePod from automatically downloading and installing new software updates:

1) Open the Home app on your iOS device with iOS 11.2.5 or later.

2) Tap the arrow icon in the upper-left corner.

3) Select the option labeled Software Update.

TIP: If you have multiple HomeKit-compliant homes set up in the Home app, choose the option Home Settings after tapping the arrow icon, then select a home to check for updates.

4) Slide the switch Install Updates Automatically to the OFF position.

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