Fortnite is coming to iOS, will sport across with PC and PS4


Fortnite Mobile is very real, and early tests are rolling out in iOS, as soon as this Monday. Epic detailed the mobile version of the game in a short blog post today. The exact same game, the same map, the same constant updates, just on mobile instead of PC or console.

Fortnite mobile will feature cross play on PS4, PC, MAC, iOS and eventually Android. The arrival of Fortnite is imminent.

March 12th will be an iOS invite event. For now its only for iOS, but it’s clear epic wants to expand to Android eventually and if you do get a code, you will get a few to share with your friends. Full version of Fortnite, not a stripped down port, but also that its built-in with cross play.

Fortnite continues to show its dexterity where it’s rival PUBG, simply cannot keep up. Fortnite was the first to reach consoles, and was able to get itself on 75 millions PS4s while PUBG couldn’t because sony doesn’t have an early access program.

Fortnite is already clocking well over 3 million concurrent players with 40+ million total and those number could increase exponentially if the mobile version is a hit. And given the current state of Fortnite, the mobile version not being a hit is almost unthinkable, provided gameplay is not a total disaster.

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